Newsletter Archives

Here you can find past issues that I’ve sent out – they go a lot more in-depth about what’s happening in the fields. I try keep my thoughts for the blog, and the action for the newsletter. Have a read and get caught up!

Newsletter #1: It’s Happening!

Newsletter #2: From A Small Seed

Newsletter #3: First Harvest Is Floating Your Way!

Newsletter #4: Go Time

Newsletter #5: Measure for Measure

Newsletter #6: Lettuce Turnip the Beets!

Newsletter #7: Gad-Zukes!

Newsletter #8: The Right Tools

Newsletter #9: Blight!

Newsletter #10: Calling All Canners!

Newsletter #11: Pick a Peck of Purple Produce

Newsletter #12: Vacation Time

Newsletter #13: Single Defeat

Newsletter #14: Turn It Under

Newsletter #15: Fair Fare

Newsletter #16: Get Pump(kin)ed!

Newsletter #17: Prize Winning Veg


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